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Eye Brushes: Makeup with Eye Liner Brushes, Eye Shadows and Eye Contours Brushes

Since ancient times eyes are considered to be the most expressive part of the human face, and their beauty accentuated in many ways. Modern day eye make-up involves the use of various products like mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc – each aimed to enhance and highlight various parts of the eye. Different eye brushes are available for different applications. Of course, unless one is a make-up professional or an extremely fashion conscious individual there is no need to buy every type of eye brush available in the market.

Eye brushes are available in many brands – ranging from low-cost to ultra-expensive. The price of eye makeup brushes varies with size, usage, quality and brand name. It is important to invest in quality eye brushes, as they are a good use of your money with a high pay off- lasting for many years. Moreover, good eye brushes will affect how the make-up looks on your face more than the products themselves.


Types of Eye Brushes : Eyelid Brushes, Contour Brushes, Eye Brow Brushes


There are a few must-have eye make up brushes. The eye shadow brush is one such. It must have a square head with slight taper at flat and corners of brush. The bristles on the top are soft and firm for the delicate area around the eye. Eye shadow brush is made to sweep color blending and across the eyelids. Look for ones made from soft natural hair such as squirrel or pony over nylon. These brushes are not only useful for applying your eye color accurately, but preserving it. Try substituting this with your fingers, not only will you add moisture from your fingertips, the entire effect will be uneven and flaky. For precision of application, an eye shadow brush certainly wins over a cotton swab.

Next is the eyeliner brush. Experts suggest that you use a fine eyeliner brush or a square-shaped eye lining brush with supremely fine bristles – these are very useful for defining the top and bottom of one’s eyelids. In fact, the same eyeliner brush can be used for liquid mascara application too.

There are of course many other eye brush types. Another one is the Brow Brush, perfect for shaping eyebrows. This can be used for a blending effect with the eyebrow pencil for a more natural look. Then there is the contour brush – used for applying intense color along the lash line and into the crease. It is best is to have a couple of brushes most suited to ones daily requirements.

Eye make up brushes can carry bacteria and therefore should be cleaned regularly. After use, it is recommended that you wipe off excess make-up from your brush with a tissue. If needed, you may also rinse them. Remember, that eye brushes are no longer an option. In fact they are essential to create a significance difference to the final and finished make up effect.