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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a gel like concave lens usually placed on the cornea of the eye to improve the user’s vision. Some users of the contact lenses may also use this to improve their appearance or to alter their eye appearance. Some users give free rein to their imagination and use theatrical contact lenses to make a more dramatic appearance.

More and more people with vision problems opt to use contact lenses to correct their vision or for therapeutic reasons. These lenses are usually transparent sheets of gel like substance with a concave shape to be able to better fit the pupil of the eye. Some contacts are tinted blue or green for the convenience of being able to locate them when they are stored in their containers. Ophthalmologists do not recommend those with very low eye refractions grades to wear contact lenses. These are usually recommended for those individuals with higher eye problems.

There are two different kinds of contact lenses, the hard and soft contact lenses. The hard contacts are usually more uncomfortable than the soft ones thus more users prefer the soft lenses. Most of the modern contact lenses are already gas permeable and can be worn for long periods of time.

For those who wish to alter their eye appearance nominally, they can acquire contact lenses with different eye colors to suit their preference. The more natural looking colored contact lenses even have limbal rings around them to mimic the correct eye appearance. These limbal rings are more noticeable in light colored eyes compared to darker eyes. Other theatrical contact lenses have more dramatic colors or designs. They can often mimic cat’s eyes or even have small white squares that mimic a light’s reflection in the canter of the eyes.

These designs do not interfere with the function of the contact lenses as they are too close to the actual pupil to be seen by the user. The more avant garde designs can be used to alter the appearance of actors and even ordinary people who wish to look different.

Excessive use of contact lenses can result to problems in the eyelids, in the conjunctiva and even in the layers of the cornea. Users need to have clean hands before they hold their lenses, this is to protect their eyes from bacteria and dirt that may result in an infection. Regular care and cleaning of the contact lens is needed to achieve maximum lens life. Some lenses are only good for a few months use while others can be disposed of daily.

Users can put on a contact lens by opening the eyelid wide enough with fingers from one hand, while the other hand’s index finger holds the lens ready. Putting the contact lens is easier than removing it as it goes against human nature to grab our eyes. Two opposing fingers are usually used to grab the lens from the cornea. The blink reflex can sometimes interfere with the removal but eventually users will get used to putting on and removing the lens.