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Start by having your eyebrows neatly shaped. Get it done professionally for the first time. In case you want to do it at home by yourself never in between your make-up. The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is after a bath as the pores are open.

Apply a little Vaseline and smooth into shape. All the hairs that detract from a neat shape should be plucked out. To determine where the eyebrows should start and end, hold a pencil upright from your nose, resting the pencil against the nostril, the pencil should touch the inner edge of the brow. Move the pencil to form an angle ending at the outer comer of the eye. Above where the pencil ends, the eyebrow should end. Tweeze only the stragglers that detract from the clean outline of your brow.

If your face is round or pear-shaped, the outer tips of the brow should point towards the hairline, a long or oval face-the tips should arch down so that the curve will soften the lines of the face.


Apply a colorful eye-shadow all over the eyelid area. Don't extend outside the natural shape and don't take it above the eye crease.

Next, highlight the brow area with white eye-shadow.

Contour the eye by applying brown or grey right at the socket line. Next comes the eyeliner, which should be a very thin line drawn close to the lashes. After that comes the mascara. Eye-shadow should be skipped by those who have naturally shadowed lids, darkly circled eyes, or wrinkled eye area.

Problem Eyes

Small Eyes, Eyebrows Thin - Pastel or white shadow all over from eyebrow to eyelid and a smudge of brown in the socket.

Prominent Eyes - Deep dramatic eye shadow to minimize the size of lid. Don't highlight brow, 1/8th inch thick eyeliner extended into inner and outer corners. Make a definite socket line to make the eye more deep set.

Almond Shape - Pale shadow all over the end and smudge faint brown shadow in the socket. Fine eyeliner all round the eye.

Deep-set Eyes - No socket line. Pastel colors from eyelid and to brow bone. No dark shadow.

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