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Men’s Wigs

Men who experience hair loss tend to be a little self conscious about their appearance especially when they had a full head of hair growing up.  They tend to head into the world of men’s wigs and toupees.  Like their female counterparts they must learn how to choose the most natural looking men’s wig.  This brings them to the decision between human hair or synthetic.

The most natural look will come from a human hair wig because the hair can be styled and shampooed as they would have done with their own hair.  The biggest challenge for finding the perfect men’s wigs is in the fullness of the piece.  Most men’s wigs tend to look faux because of the over abundance of hair.  This creates a most unnatural appearance to the hair piece and makes the wearer even more self conscious.  It is of the utmost importance to visit an establishment that is proficient in the fitting of men’s wigs.  This should ensure a natural appearance because they can match most closely the texture and color of the remaining hair the person has. 

Men’s wigs that are synthetic are often less costly, however they also appear more unnatural.  It is more difficult to have that natural look and the texture of the male human hair.  Synthetic material used in men’s wigs tends to be more stiff and unruly because of its shorter length even with proper care.  This means that they don’t conform to the person’s skull as well.  The synthetic men’s wigs are a little more costly to maintain because you need specific cleaning solutions.  In order to keep the appearance soft and supple you need the special products as well as a wig stand.  These men’s wigs cannot be put near heat.  Heat will turn the synthetic men’s wigs fuzzy as well as straighten out the style.

Fitting the men’s wigs is important whether you have a human hair wig or synthetic.  Wig professionals are trained to measure the man’s skull and assess the texture of the hair remaining, so that the natural look is acquired.  In order for the wig professional to accomplish their job the person must be willing to spend a little more for that natural appearance.

Men’s wigs come in two different types.  The importance of finding the perfect wig for that most natural look comes from the desire to spend the time and money to achieve the desired results.