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Hair Pieces

There are two types of hair pieces that you can choose from.  The choice between human hair or synthetic hair pieces may depend on the monetary cost of the item.  While human hair is generally going to give you the most natural look and feel many of the more expensive synthetic hair pieces will also give you a natural appearance. 

Natural hair pieces will most likely cost more than their synthetic counterpart.  This is because not many people grow long hair any more so there is less human hair to work with.  Most human hair comes from individuals who no longer want the long hair.  They can donate it during a “cut a thon” to be used for human hair pieces.  The benefit to the customer is usually a reduced cost for their haircut and most often will benefit cancer patients or the elderly who need hair pieces.  The “cut a thon” is designed to help those who need hair pieces to gain access to the hair pieces while offering the donator a better cost, as hair cuts can be quite expensive.  A side benefit of being a part of the “cut a thon” allows the person to feel like they are helping in some small way.  If you are looking to purchase a human hair piece you will like to know that it is easier to work with than the synthetic versions.  The human hair pieces are shampooed, conditioned, and styled as you would your own head of hair, thus producing the most natural look.

Synthetic hair pieces come in a variety of costs.  Generally the more you spend for your hair piece the more natural it will appear and the more use you can get out of it.  The lower cost synthetic hair pieces would be a small extension like a ponytail or a fall.  A fall is typically styled to give you longer hair that works in conjunction with your own hair.  This type of synthetic hair piece is not made to be worn every day, making the cost more affordable.  If you are looking for hair pieces with more durability you may wish to have a few more hair pieces or simply spend a little more.  The care of these synthetic hair pieces is a bit trickier than human hair.  They need special shampoos, the water temperature must be mild or the curl will be taken out of the synthetic material, and they tend to frizz after extensive use.  If you do not take proper hair care you will find that they will lose the effect of the appearance you desire.

There are many benefits to each hair piece.  The importance lies in what you are willing to spend and the reason for the hair pieces.  If you are looking to enhance your natural look you can’t go wrong with either hair piece.