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Hair Extensions

There are several different types of hair extensions that one can choose from. Each type of hair extension is prepared and attached in a different way. Hair extensions are attached to an individual’s own hair in order to give the appearance of longer, thicker and fuller hair.

One type of hair extension is an extension that is attached to hair by using a bond or glue. This type of hair extension is applied to hair by adding a coat of a chemical or other foreign substance to your actual hair. The hair extensions are then attached to the glue. When done professionally people are unable to tell if you have had hair extensions applied to your hair. Some glues can be harmful to skin or hair so it is very important to ask your stylist what type of bond or glue is used in the procedure.

Clip on hair extensions is another popular type that is used. With clip in hair extensions the hair extension can be clipped into your natural hair whenever you want to have longer, thicker hair. A benefit to using clip on hair extensions is that these hair extensions can be removed before you go to bed at night. Clip in hair extensions are the perfect way to achieve a dramatic style without having to go to great lengths. This is a first way to achieve a different style for every day use or for use on special occasions.

Another type of hair extension is a weaved hair extension. This type of hair extension is actually sewn into your natural hair. This type of look is achieved by weaving your natural hair around various threads. The threads create a track and then the hair extension or weft is sewn onto the track.

Hair extensions are made out of a variety of different materials. Some hair extensions are made out of synthetic materials while other hair extensions are made out of human hair. The price of hair extensions varies depending on what the hair extension is made out of and the length of the hair extension.

Hair extensions are a great way to achieve a different hair style. People with short, thin hair can now have thick, full and luscious hair. Hair extensions, when put in properly, can give hair a natural, beautiful appearance. Before having hair extensions put in it is important to ask your hair stylist about the method being used.

Most importantly when having hair extensions added to your natural hair remember to have fun and be daring if you want.