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Hair Spray

There are hundreds of hair styling products to choose from. The most popular hair styling product is hair spray. Hair spray is a styling product that is designed to keep hair in a certain style by making the hair stiff. Hair spray is used to hold hair styles over a short period of time because hair spray is usually weaker then hair wax, hair glue or hair gel.

Hair spray was developed in the year 1948 by Chase Products Company. The main ingredient in hair spray is the chemical elastesse or a polymer. The chemical elastesse is an ingredient in hair spray that is able to keep hair stiff and firm without hair snapping. Another ingredient in hair spray is pytocalcious. This ingredient is designed to lower the amount of minerals in the root of the hair. By lowering the amount of minerals the hair is stiffened.

Excessive use of hair styling products can cause hair to become dry or damaged. Also, the over use of hair spray can cause hair to appear dull. When using hair styling products it is important to wash hair frequently with a good shampoo and conditioner and follow natural hair care tips.

One type of hair spray is a hair color spray. A hair color spray is a type of hair spray that not only stiffens hair but also adds a touch of color. Hair color sprays come in a variety of different colors. Some of the colors may include silver, red, orange, blue, black, green and many more. The hair color sprays range from normal colors to wacky colors.

Hair spray comes in several different levels of hair control. Usually the lowest level is one and the highest level is ten. Hair spray that is of a level ten is designed to hold hair in place all day long, in humid weather and even rainy weather. This type of hair spray is perfect for a hair style that is hard to hold. A lower level hair spray is designed to give hair a more flexible hold. With this type of hair style hair can still move about freely.

Hair spray is a very flammable substance. It is more flammable before it is dry. If hair spray catches on fire then the result can be serious burns to the body and hair. It is important to never use hair spray around an open flame. When used properly hair spray is the perfect way to hold hair in place for a certain period of time.