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Hair Gel

Especially in the United Kingdom and throughout North America there are several different hair gel options. Hair gel is usually numbered from one to ten. The different hair gel numbers refer to the amount of hold the hair gel provides the individual with. A hair gel that has a low number is best used for a hairstyle that only requires a wet look. A hairstyle that is more advanced will require the use of a hair gel that is a higher number. A hair gel is used best as a styling aid. Some hair gels that are on the market give the user a natural but temporary color to their hair.

Males have used hair gel for over two-thousand years. Historians have surfaced facts that state bog men that were from the Iron Age were known to apply a type of hair gel to their hair. Hair gel was also used by early British nobility. Hair gel from around this time period was made out of lizard tallow and swallow droppings. Nowadays hair gel is used on a daily basis in order to achieve a certain hairstyle. Hair gel is used by both men and women.

An individual can purchase hair gel at a local supermarket. There are numerous different hair gels to choose from. It is important to pay attention to how specific hair gels work. Some hair gels will hold a hairstyle that is harder to achieve while other hair gels provide volume or lift to hair. When choosing a hair gel make sure to pay particular attention to what the bottle or label says. This will allow you to choose the right type of hair gel.

Hair gel can be used on either wet or dry hair. If hair gel is used on wet hair the hair gel usually gives the appearance of a shiny texture. This is because of the evaporation of the alcohol in the hair gel. Make sure to use hair gel by beginning at the crown of your head and then working your way down. Hair gel can be used to fight frizz if the hair gel is applied to the hair while wet. Ringlets or waves can be formed by applying small amounts of hair gel to the hair and then working the gel through with a comb. Use hair gel when using hot rollers or curling irons. This can add to the hold of a particular hairstyle. By following these suggestions an individual will be able to choose the right hair gel to suit their hair styling needs.