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Hair Dryers

We are in the generation where in we have a lot of alternatives to choose from, and when it comes to hair dryers, we have the stylish yet effective wall mount hair dryer, while some of us follow the prevention of negative effects and pick a CHI hair dryer that offers low electromagnetic field for a healthy and shinier hair. Some of us settle for a travel hair dryer to compliment our coast to coast needs when we don’t have time to visit a hair salon. Others pick a bonnet hair dryer that features about four components (hot, warm, low and cool) to make use for our hair.

Hair dryers have been a part of our lives when it comes to setting up our beauty trends and style but whatever you do, check everything before you use it since it may cause terrible circumstances like starting a fire. Take caution and inspect the cord regularly to prevent further misfortunes.

Are hair dryers safe?

Let’s get back to the main topic. You should know that heat is considered as the supreme enemy of your hair. So, when it comes to drying your hair, you should use hair dryers with extreme care and set them on a moderate mode. Setting the hair dryer on its hottest level will reach over a temperature that causes water to boil. And this can be ruinous method on your hair, especially about a salon hair dryer that most hairstylists don’t even bother to consider.

An ionic hair dryer should be ideal for your hair. This provides technology that comes out on separate settings like the ionic mode, ionic and ceramic and ceramic mode. And they feature a number of heat settings and speeds that suits whatever manner you want, a quiet motor that won’t contrasts a jackhammer and also comes with a hinged filer for clean-up and a concentrator accessory.

Professional and home hair dryers

One thing that is common nowadays is the major differentiation of a professional hair dryer and a home hair dryer. You may settle for consumer hair dryers for price-related reasons that last up to 500 hours while professional hair dryers can be expensive but they last for like 1200 hours. Additionally, professional hair dryers have the capability to produce more airflow than the home hair dyers.

Right now, the most common development is to provide quieter motor-type hair dryers but a suitable hair dryer for you should have the following features:

  • For fine or damaged hair; hair dryers with 1200-1500 watts
  • For thick or wavy hair; hair dryers with 1500-1875 watts
  • With automatic shut-off whenever it overheats
  • A cool setting for your hairstyle needs
  • With two or three settings for heat managing; and
  • A detachable air intake grill or lint filter