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Your Hairstyle 

Although only you, with your individual taste and preference can dictate the style you want, a consultation with your professional hairstylist is highly recommended. However, the finished product should be attractive, healthy looking and easy to care for.

Triangular Face: The triangular face usually displays a jaw line that is somewhat pointed. In order to balance and detract, widen silhouette in symmetrical (balanced) form, and ease more hair onto the face to correct the irregularity.

Square Face: If the face or jaw is square, add height in the centre of the style to minimize the squareness. Add slight width to further narrow the jaw. This also eliminates any chance of a square silhouette in the upper part of the style.

Long Face: In dealing with length in the facial structure asymmetry (unbalanced form) will detract from the length of the face when the line of vision moves horizontally rather than vertically. Do not add height, but do add some hair on the forehead to aid in creating a pleasing shape.

Round Face: A round face can be improved by moving hair on the face to break the round hairline growth. Hair on the forehead should move horizontally to contrast the rounded chin line. Asymmetry (lack of balance) in form creates horizontal lines to contrast roundness.

It is with the aid of proper cosmetics and through the careful placement and proportion of hair fashions that facial irregularities are minimized and do not become dominant characteristics.

Every face has some imperfections. The best part is that most of these imperfections can be corrected by styling your hair well. Here are a few suggestions to deal with some of the common irregularities of the face.

Receding Forehead and Chin: If the forehead and chin recede, fullness over the forehead creates balance with the nose line and conceals the extreme slope.

Long Jaw line: If the jaw line is long creating a great deal of facial area, it must be balanced with the proper positioning of the hair. Lower the side-hair motions on to the face to decrease the facial area in view.

Low or Small Forehead: Design a style with hair off the face and create height in the style. A short hair-cut in front will give the forehead a higher look.

Ears that Stick out: Avoid a short hair style. Design hair that slightly covers the ears and masks the problem entirely.

In creating a hairstyle, it is important to remember the objective, i.e. to ovalise the face shape.

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