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Soft Setting

Here is one of the ways you can soft set your hair to give you soft curls that exude romance and femininity for that special occasion.

The correlation between soft curls and femininity as well as romance may date back to the days when Scarlet O'Hara sported them on the movie Gone With The Wind. Such is the girlish appeal and delicate appearance of soft curls around a woman's face that this style has stood the test of time.

Of all the hair styles that a woman can wear, one of the most flattering yet rather difficult to get right are the soft curls that fall gently around her face and over her shoulders. Getting your hair to look like it is naturally curled while flowing freely about your shoulders may require a little styling technique and some patience. You will also need a few other styling products and items to help you pull off the soft curl look for that special occasion.

One of the techniques you can use when trying to achieve this hair style is to use the soft setting technique. You curl hair in the soft setting technique with the use of a styling spray or a setting mousse and a few curling agents like a plastic roller, a fabric roller or even a curling iron. The steps you take in creating the soft curls by using soft setting often requires a certain amount of time for the hair to really curl and rushing with your soft setting may result in curls that are not totally curled or curls that unfurl after a few hours.

To get those soft, romantic curls, start off by dampening your hair evenly with your  styling mousse or spray. Taking one section at a time, roll your hair tightly in either the plastic rollers or the fabric rollers, making sure that the rolls are secure after you wind your hair up around the rollers. You can wind your hair in sections that measure approximately 1 inch each or wider, depending upon the kind of curls you want or the volume of the curls you need. Do this to the rest of your hair, making sure that the hair is wound completely down to the roots. Keep your hair on the rollers for the amount of time it takes for your setting spray or mousse to dry. You can also lightly spritz hairspray over your hair to help set it a bit more.

After the hair has been set, take each rolled section out of the rollers by unwinding it. After all the hair sections have been unrolled from their rollers, you can now work your fingers lightly through your hair for that soft curl effect with volume.