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Short Hair Style

For the girl who wants to keep everything simple, clean and comfortable, a short hair style is best. Short hair styles are great for active lifestyles and, what’s more they can add years to a girl’s age and let her spend less time on hair care and more time on the other, more important and fun things in life.

But how does a girl work a little glamour in her looks when she has a short hair style? Simple!

First, try curls. Curls can really make your hair look sexy and alluring. If you have naturally curly hair, even better! You can style it with some hair gel and try to play up each individual curl of your hair. Try and make a row of short and long curls around your head. Keep a couple of strands around your face and pin curl it there for a framing effect.

For the naturally straight hair, curlers will do the trick. Once you have a few bouncy curls, stylize it with some gel as mentioned above or you could just give your hair a lift. Use a texturizing product for the front. Then use a volumizing product to give your hair a soft and loose life which will look bouncy and pretty.

Bangs are almost mandatory with short a short hair style. Have fun with it! Pin your bangs to one side of your head with a cute yet stylish hair pin. You can also use some hair gel and apply it to your bangs to make it fall around your face in pieces to give you that mysterious yet flirty look.

You can also try making a tiny ponytail with your short styled hair. This can give you a very active, fun, sporty and sexy look. Use a clip or an elastic band to hold your hair in place. Thick hair can be harder to hold so use a hair gel or hair spray to keep it in place. Also, clean hair can be tougher to hold. So try this when your hair is a bit worse for wear. You’ll have lesser flyaways too!

Highlights are also a fun and in-vogue way to stylize your short hair style. They also look perfect on short hair. Try having highlights in several shades of color. This can make the hair look more colorful and brighter. It also takes away emphasis on your roots.