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Shaved Head Hairstyle

A shaved head is not a common hairstyle especially for women. Some me are more open to having a shaved head than others and often they like the feeling of having a bald head. In some cases, older men opt to have their hair shaved off because they feel that their hair has thinned out too much and it is better off to shave their heads. Men with receding hairlines and bald patches also think of shaving their remaining hair off instead of trying to think of a hairstyle that can cover up their baldness.
Head shaving is sometimes a form of sacrifice and celebration in some religions and tribes. Many devotees have their heads shaven explicitly for the purpose of their beliefs and religions. This hairstyle has recently caught the attention of young people and individuals in their mid twenties and early thirties. Some enjoy the freedom of a free hairstyle and continually shave their heads to maintain their hairstyle. A shaved head may have some appeal to some people especially men but women do not usually go for the bald look in themselves.

Caring for a shaved head is somewhat similar to caring for our most sensitive skin. A bald head will also need to be cleaned and washed daily to get rid of the grime, dirt and oils that may have accumulated during the day. A mild shampoo or soap can effectively clean a shaven head and maintain the skin of the head. Moisturizers are often used or integrated into the shampoo to maintain the suppleness and softness of the skin of the bald head. Excessively dry skin can get prone to diseases and rashes that can complicate your baldness or thinning hair.
Skin on our heads is surprisingly sensitive and must not be exposed to direct rays of the sun, heat and cold. A shaved head can get sunburn if exposed to the punishing rays of the sun and the individual may also get heat stroke of sun stroke because of exposure to the sun. Most women cover up their thinning hair with a hat of sorts or a wig while others cover up with a large scarf especially when out in the sun. Sun screen and sun block both works effectively to protect the skin on the bald head. Try to choose the sun block that does not look too heavy on your head as these are only suitable for the beach and other water sports. There are sun screens that are not as noticeable but still highly effective in protecting your bald head.

Head shaving can most easily be a trend in which younger individuals like to do in order to make a statement but in older people it is a sign of old age and hair loss. There are other diseases than can provoke hair loss. In order to fully understand these diseases and if you suspect you are suffering from one, check with a dermatologist. There may still be time to revert the hair loss or thinning hair in order to prevent baldness.