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Prom Hair Style

So you’re going to the prom. Well, every girl knows that you don’t go to the prom unless you are properly glammed up and drop dead gorgeous. Every girl wants to be the prom queen and the amount of effort you put into your looks can up your chances of making it. Of course, even if you’re not the prom queen at the end of the night, all those turning heads will sure make every hour of work worth while.

There are several ways to style your hair when you are going to the prom. Of course you may already have your own daily hairstyle which you probably don’t want to mess up for the day after the prom. Not to worry, whether you have short, medium or long hair, there is a great prom hair style for you.

For short hair, styling is probably the easiest. It also has the advantage of showing a little skin around your neck which can be captivating if you have the neckline for it. An easy way to style your hair is to tease it with a bit of hair wax and curve the ends of your hair around your face, making a frame. You can also go for some hair bangs styling. A great way to style your bangs is to sweep it to the side and use a cute hair clip to pin it into place. Don’t use an overly cute clip, though or the boys won’t take you seriously. Accessorize your hair and coordinate the colors and styling with your dress and your corsage.

Medium length hair is also great for prom hair styling. It can easily be styled to seem longer or shorter than it really is. This means that a few short hair styles can be applicable for you and some long hair ones too. There are quite a few hair styles that are perfect for medium length hairs too, so you get the best of three worlds!

Long haired girls can also choose from several prom hair styles. The most simple and yet most elegant style would be to let it all down. Flowing locks of hair have long been one of the most appealing hair styles. You can also try other hair styles that would fit you long hair and make you look as stunning as if you came to the prom as the prom queen already.