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Men Hair Style

A woman’s hair style is more complicated then a man’s. A man can choose from several different, easy ways to style his hair. Factors that affect how a man may choose to style his hair include style, clothing and age. A big concern for men is hair loss.

Another factor when considering men hair style is the graying of hair. Some men look good with gray hair and other men will choose to color their hair. A men hair style is usually quite simple and a type of style that follows the current trends. There are several popular hair styles for men.

One popular hair cut style is longer hair, but not quite as long as the “Bon Jovi” look. Another easy hair cut style is the just woke up look. This is also known as the bed head look. With this men hair style the hair is split into several different directions.

The crew cut is another hot men hair style. This type of hair style works best for men who have an oval face shape. One benefit about having a short crew cut is that this hair style is wash-n-go. There is virtually no maintenance.

A popular men hair style is the short, tousled hair cut. This is a great hair cut because it gives a man a very strong look. A hair styling gel can hold this hair style in place. Another version of this hair style is the tousled, messy look. This is another option that also looks great. Jude Law has made the short, tousled hair cut a hot choice.

The long hair style for men is another good idea. This type of men hair style works best if a man has slightly wavy hair on the ends and the sides. This is a popular look among younger guys. An example of a celebrity with the long hair style is Owen Wilson.

When styling hair in spikes or a tousled, messy look always use a strong hair gel. This will keep your hair in place throughout the whole day.

When choosing a hair style take in to consideration your face shape and other facial features. If you have a large head or big ears then the crew cut may not be the best choice but the long hair style would look great. The most important thing to remember is that a hair cut should suit your lifestyle and personality. These are just a few men hair style options to choose from.