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Medium Hair Style

Medium hair styles can range from anywhere between shoulder length to chin length. Medium hair length is perfect for quick and easy yet wondrous looking hair styling. Medium hair style can be styled quickly like short hair styles but also offer the flexibility and sheer number of styling options of long hair styles.

A lot of popular hair styles look great with a medium hair style. For the quick and casual look, you can do an updo and pull your hair together into a bun, a French twist or a classic ponytail. Get a little more upbeat look by letting a few locks escape in a few strategic places.

If you have time for to go in for a curl, a curled look can look great with a medium hair style. In fact, it is perfect for a medium hair style. It is easy to add texture to your hair by getting a perm. Even better if you have naturally curly hair! All you have to do is to use some hair gel to highlight the curls of your hair and arrange it in a cascade around your head. Pull a little a few strands down at the sides of your face to form a frame and you will have a perfect, cute and sexy look.

You can also add color to your hair to make your medium hair style more interesting and stylish. You can try a few coloring techniques such as highlights or ink-dipped tips.

A few medium hair style choices often work best if paired with the right type of face shape. Women with oval faces have it good. They will look good with any medium hair style. This is because of the symmetrical form of their face.

For heart shaped faces, a chin-length bob will look perfect. The style will make the jaw line look wider than it really is.

A square shaped face will look great with longer or chin length hair styles. This serves to soften the jaw line, especially if the sides of the hair are made to "fluff" out, giving the face a more oval look.

For women with round faces, they can go for a longer hair styles or chin length hair styles. However, unlike the square shaped face, it is important that the hair be kept closer or "into" the face. This is to give the face a slimmer look.