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Long Hair Style

Long hair styles have always been elegant and beautiful. Many women opt for this type of hair style and most of them look the better for it.

However, long hair styles are one of the most time intensive hair styles in terms of maintenance. Long hair styles can suffer from split ends, breakage and fly-away strands.

Most common hair damages are usually caused by poor hair maintenance. The hair can be sensitive to several damaging practices such as improper washing and brushing and a lack of regular trimming. Also, nutrition problems, lack of sleep and stress can also affect the hair negatively.

Here are a few hair styling tips in order to keep from damaging your hair.

  • In the morning, use your fingers instead of brushes or hair combs to remove the tangles of your hair.
  • You also need to use the proper brushing technique when styling your hair in order to keep from causing damage to your hair. 
    • Be sure to use natural bristles when brushing.
    • Firstly, bend forward in order to allow the hair to naturally fall.
    • Brush the hair from the neck, over the head and up to the ends of the hair.
    • Straighten up, with hair falling normally and then brush the hair from beneath the hairline up to the strands and to the ends.
    • Proceed to the top layer of hair, brushing it with long and even strokes.
    • Smooth down the hair with your hands after each stroke so as to minimize hair static.
    • This should be made into a regular habit. At first, start with few strokes and increase them weekly. If the hair becomes oily, reduce the number of strokes.
  • When brushing, make sure that hair is dry. Wet hair can easily break or become damaged when brushed or combed.
  • When combing hair, use tortoise shell or wooden combs. Rubber combs are a very big no-no for hair. Also, avoid yanking or pulling the hair when combing.
  • Electric hair dryers can easily damage hair. But they can be a necessity especially in emergencies. It is recommended however, that you should air dry whenever possible.
  • When curling your hair, avoid electric rollers or curling irons. Stick to regular hair rollers. Barrel curlers and pun curlers are safe to use and also have fast results when used with drying hair.
  • Hair can also get severely damaged due to environmental factors. The beach and the pool are natural culprits. When going to the pool, it is best to apply special conditioners which can protect the hair from the chlorine. It is also best to wear a hat, a cap or a scarf over the hair when being exposed to the sun.