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Hair Volume

Most individuals wish that their hair had added volume. Additional hair volume allows hair to appear fuller and thicker. There are many suggestions in achieving additional hair volume. By following these suggestions an individual can immediately experience an increase in hair volume.

An individual who desires added hair volume should have lowlights or highlights put into their hair. This type of color provides hair with the added appearance of “lift”. Hair volume is often times just an appearance or a trick of the eye. Dimensional hair color such as lowlights and highlights provide hair with multiple layers or dimensions. These dimensions give a hair the perception of added volume. When hair does not have lowlights or highlights the hair can give the appearance of flatness. With highlights and lowlights your eyes will give into the optical illusion of increased hair volume.

If an individual would like to achieve hair volume the individual should use a root volumizer. A root volumizer is a type of beauty product that is designed to lift the hair away from the scalp. A root volumizer can be purchased in a spray, gel or mousse version. When using a root volumizer make sure to apply the product to towel-dried hair. As the product is applied make sure to lift your hair gently with your fingers.

Many times an individual achieves greater hair volume in the way in which an individual styles their hair. In order to achieve greater hair volume it is important to blow dry hair upside down. While blow drying your hair use your fingers to tousle your hair. This will give the appearance of increased hair volume. Another way in which to increase hair volume is to apply a hair gel to the roots of your hair before blow drying. This will allow you to hold your hair easily in place.

When trying to achieve greater hair volume it is important not to use a heavy conditioner. A heavy conditioner will usually cause hair to hang limply around the face. A person who wants an increase in hair volume should use a lighter conditioner or better yet a conditioner designed to increase the volume of an individual’s hair.

There are several ways in which to achieve greater hair volume. By following these helpful hints an individual can immediately notice the difference in the volume of their hair. Hair volume adds beauty and the appearance of fullness to any head of hair.