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A Bob Hairstyle

Celebrities who have famously sported a bob hairstyle are Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. These women wore similar haircuts with grace and style. A bob hairstyle imparts a look of elegance and sophistication. Bob haircuts also provide the wearer wit a racy but sweet appearance. A bob hairstyle is sexy and yet refined at the same time. One of the major benefits of a bob hairstyle is that this type of haircut compliments any type of hair texture and face shape. Haircuts such as this are timeless in beauty and quality.

Haircuts that are like the bob hairstyle are very easy to wear and versatile. Hairstyles that follow the traditional bob are sleek, short and severe in cut. The hair is cut all of the same length except for the bangs of course. Hairstyles no longer follow the traditional bob but instead the latest trends have created a soft and sexy cut instead of a more blunt cut. Stylists use a razor in order to cut the ends of the air in order to achieve a soft look that is light and swingy.

A celebrity who is famous for a layered bob hairstyle is Jennifer Aniston. A layered bob hairstyle is when the hair is cut in different romantic layers that suit the length and texture of the hair. A layered bob hairstyle is a twist on this classic look. A layered bob hairstyle can be tailored to suit any face shape. In fact a layered look often accentuates certain facial features.

A bob hair cut can be quite short, sometimes stopping at the jaw-line. This is a very popular and easy type of haircut to style. A shorter nose-length bob hairstyle looks better when teamed with long blunt-cut bangs.

A person can achieve a bob hairstyle even if they have long or medium length hair. A bob can perform wonders in the spicing up of a dull hairstyle. Add multiple layers to create an even more romantic and fun look.

A bob hairstyle is worn by celebrities like Nicole Ritchie and Louise Brooks. It seems that the bob hairstyle will never go out of fashion. To aid in the styling of a bob style make sure to use a wide range of hair styling products. These products can provide a bob hairstyle with added volume and lift. A bob hairstyle looks great, is easy to wear and is a timeless piece of Hollywood culture.