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Hair Cuts

Do you feel like getting a new haircut because you hate your new haircut? Or are you clueless in finding your next haircut style? Then again, are you trying to maintain a new haircut - bob hair cut, layered hair cut, celebrity hair cut? Then again, all of us have a bad haircut day. You are at the right for all the right answers. You could either go to a hairdresser for a professional haircut, or you could treat yourself or others to a haircut by just adopting a few simple professional haircut tools and techniques from Here are some helpful hints for a satisfying haircut experience:

By and large, women's haircuts come in the following categories:

  1. Curly haircuts
  2. Long haircuts
  3. Medium haircuts
  4. Short haircuts
  5. Straight haircuts
  6. Wavy haircuts

Then again, there is, what they call, the perfect haircut for all face shapes. Are you one of those who feel magazine editors have covert secrets about hair cuts and hair styles? One of their pet ones is the claim to a perfect haircut. Not that they are wrong, either. It is the most satisfying haircut on almost every face type – some frizzy & some layered.

Here are some tips on how to get it:

  • Unless you have long hair, go in for the 'v-shape cut’. This takes care of the extra length without giving you that teeny-bopper look. It's also a good look for long hair that's usually believed to look sexy.
  • Never go too long and never grow your hair in excess of a couple inches on top of your breastbone.
  • The most important thing is, don’t layer too much at the back. Always leave the best layers for the front; they frame your face. Then again, on short hair, avoid going above the eye or above earlobes, on long hair, for that matter.