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Emo Haircuts

Emo haircuts are one of the biggest trends of the 20th century. Emo is a genre of rock music, also considered to be a mix of punk and goth. Emo stands for a whole lifestyle that followed the musical genre, which became so because many band members expressed deep emotion in the middle of their rock performances onstage. Emo music generally contained a lot of angst and frustration, and mostly about unrequited love.

Emo haircuts are a trend that arose from bands that were heavy into the emo scene. As a lifestyle and a fashion, people who were considered to be emo were introverted, shy, depressed, and glum. Which is why black is the preferred color of choice for emo haircuts: dark colors for the negative emotions they are trying to portray. Some variations of color can be added to make the wearer’s hairstyle more unique, such as streaks of unexpected colors on the hair like orange, blue, and pink, in very minimal amounts, with black still being the dominant color on the hair.

Much of these would not be noticed except for the external character, which is what the emo fashion represents. Insecurity and low self-esteem are also dominating sentiments felt by those who wear emo clothes and the emo haircut, because the emo haircut mostly hides the face and eyes of the person from the rest of the people. An external reflection of how they are truly feeling inside. Emo fashion represents the deep angst and emotion which the band members started, but has now gained a following around the world.

Bangs are a predominant trait of the short emo haircut. There many emo style haircuts usually have two major types: longer bangs in the front while the back is short and spiky. The second one is basically a long shaggy cut that covers much of the front and the back. Usually most of the face is covered in either haircut, and there are many varieties of both types to choose from and experiment with.  The fact that a lot of the hair covers one eye or most of the face is supposed to hide the emotions, but the physical representation, through the hair, is a manifestation of the angst, depression, and emotions that the wearer is trying to emote or express.

There can be many varieties of the emo style haircuts depending on the two major types. Bangs are usually long, fringed, and towards one side. Another variety is to use large spikes upward, where instead of using bangs to cover the face, the bangs are gelled up to make tall spikes on the head. With the many available hair products available in the market nowadays, there are many ways one can choose to style their emo haircuts. Gels, sprays, anti-frizz, wax, and the use of straightening irons can provide a number of emo haircuts. Whatever style the wearer chooses, the emo haircut is a symbolism that he is trying to shield and at the same time express his silent emotions through the bluntness of their emo haircut.