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Crop Cuts

To be a woman means to carry out a long flowing hair.  Certainly this was the old tradition and saying, but times have changed.  More women of today are realizing the beauty of short hair cuts.  They are so into the short hair cut for they are so manageable and they provide a way to end bad hair days.  They don’t want to spend any more time in front of the mirror before going to work, because this will lead to another late in the record.  They don’t want to spend too much time trying to look presentable.  Short hair styles are now increasing in popularity because of the mere facts of conserving time.  Short Hair Cut or the crop cut works actually for different kinds of women.  Other women reason that they cut their hair because it is thinning and the only option is to cut the hair short.  The truth is short hair will make you look fuller and healthier.  There are so many styles and names that are incorporated with the words short hair cut, here are some of them:

  1. Gamine cut:  a crop cut that would make you look youthful with some feathery layers directed to the forehead.  It is a boyish short hair style which is very adorable and would be the perfect way to wear a straight hair.  Giving it more class, the gamine cut can also be paired with highlights and colors.
  2. The Angel Bob: a very flattering and sexy short hair cut.  This is a short framing type of cut because it has bangs.  This cut would really make a statement and would certainly get you noticed.
  3. Daring Pixie Cut:  a crop cut that is the ultimate ultra short hair cut.  It is spiked in design and could develop into a ruffled look.  For that intense bold look you can add a styling gel and say hello to statement.
  4. The Tapered Bob: a crop cut tapered bob with short bangs and fringy layers. That’s what the tapered bob is.   Those fringy layers can add charms in the hair making you look and feel good.  It also has that extra swing because of the light layering at the end.  This hair style is much sophisticated than the other crop cuts.

Just pull off that short hair look and the rewards will be great.  Short hair is chic and is very sexy so the design doesn’t matter—it’s how you carry it.