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Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow drying hair needs an amount of hot air so that the desired dryness will be achieved.  Remember always that using any amount of hot air will cause the hair to get damage for it will strip the hair of its moisture.  Hairdryer would eventually lead to split ends and the hair will die.  If the hair is just too wet its better just to wipe it or let it dry.  Blow dry hairs in the future would really feel uncomfortable to have.  They end up getting you always visiting the salon and spending lots of money.  Blow drying the hair is almost saying that you already want a new hairstyle.

Split ends in the hair are caused by too much amount of heat being put in the hair.  Here are some tips before blow drying to eliminate or prevent split ends.

  • Put in the beer- beer gives that crisp healthy and shiny look.  You can do the process after the hair has been shampooed and towel dry.  Just put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the hair.  After you have done this you can then style the hair or blow dry the hair.
  • Spread that mayonnaise- just put in an amount like the size of the palm of your hands and just massage it to the scalp.  Leave the application there for five to ten minutes then take a bath.
  • Minimal shampooing- we know that it is better to shampoo daily but it is not advisable to do so.  You may feel like you have just cleaned your hair but you never know the damage it has done.  The natural oil that the hair has will be lost when we continue to use it daily.  It leaves the hair to dry.
  • Hair conditioning- the use of conditioners after shampooing is very important to maintain that well conditioned hair.  Split ends comes from the peeling away of the cuticles from the shaft, and the conditioner will be of much use for it glues the cuticles back into the shaft and lubricates them.
  • Head covers- to prevent the drying of the hair during a windy day, it is advisable to wear a hat.  Through this way you would also protect the hair from the heat of the sun.
  • Split ends cutting - the most doable thing is to cut off the split ends and just try keeping them in control.