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Afro Hairstyles

Afro hairstyles are most effective when used on extremely curly hair or frizzy hair. A typical afro hair is styled with the hair extending from the head to form a ball like or halo like appearance. Usually, those of ethnic background can typically wear this since their hair is extremely curly although those with straight hair can form their hair in to an afro style but with some help of hairspray and some teasing of the hair. Afro hair was popularized in the sixties and seventies despite having roots going back to the early Egyptian times.

Natural afro hair needs maintenance as well since the afro hairstyle does not come naturally to some people. Those who wish to make their hairstyles into afro hair styles must realize that they must let heir hair grow long and not get a haircut in order to achieve a bigger afro hairdo. The hair is usually curled or braided before it is arranged or styled into the afro hair style to make it frizzier and more susceptible to the afro style.The texture of the hair is important in making your afro hair style a success. The curlier your hair and the tighter the curls, the more springy and big your afro can get. One problem with afro hair is that they tend to get a bit warm and itchy when it has been worn long.

There are a lot of afro wigs available for those who wish to get an instant afro and these can get as big as you want them to be. The choices would depend on what effect you wish to have since the really large afro hair styles can look ridiculous or comic and are usually used to portray comedic roles in movies and TV shows. Some shows bring to mind some retro characters that wore afros or characters that are stuck in the seventies trends and fashion.

The afro hair was initially seen in early Egyptians although these were mostly wigs. The afro hair styles were more popular during the rise of the Black Pride and Black Power movements which were strong during the late sixties and early seventies.Occasionally, some African-American artists would don an afro for a particular concert or show.This is great for those promoting African American culture and heritage.

Maintaining your afro hair is a bit difficult without the help of professional stylists or other people since the hair needs to be frizzed allover to achieve the look.An afro hair pick is needed to bring your afro hair style into full glory and to arrange it to your preference. Some afro hair styles are longer than others therefore more bulbous and harder to maintain. In maintaining you afro hair style, you will have to decline baths or redo your hair style after every bath. A haircut will also affect your afro hairstyle since the enormity and density will lessen when you cut your hair. Some afro hair styles are short and have locks twirled instead of teased upright.