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360 Waves

360 hair waves is a hair style that requires constant brushing to achieve the 360 waves look. Many young men would like to know how to get 360 waves for their hair. In the past, constant brushing f the hair made noticeable waves on the hair and often resulted to the coveted 360 waves that most African American young men like to have.

There are many different ways to get 360 waves but probably the best way is to follow the following instructions. Your hair length would need to be around and inch and a half since shorter hair will not achieve the desired look. The coarser you hair is the harder it will be to get the 360 hair waves pattern on the hair but it can still be achieved with perseverance.

Things you will need in preparing to make 360 hair waves are a coarse hair brush, some pomade, a doo-rag, a small towel that can cover your entire head and some hot water.
Initially, you need to have clean hair which is dry. Apply the pomade or hair conditioner on your hair which should be around the diameter of a dollar in your palm. It is best to fully cover your hair with the conditioner. Do not worry if it may seem a lot because your hair will soon absorb this.

After the application of the conditioner, you can dip your towel in the hot water and immerse it well. Carefully wring it and again, carefully place the towel onto your head. Make sure that the temperature if the water is agreeable to you since too hot water may cause nausea or other adverse effects. Be careful of being burned with water that is too hot. To achieve the best 360 waves, you must leave the warm towel around your head for approximately a couple of minutes.

During this couple of minutes where you have applied the warm towel onto your hair, make sure to apply some light pressure in to it for better application. You may then remove the warm towel from your head, and begin to brush your hair starting from the crown area. Brush your hair evenly and in the general direction that your hair grows.
The doo rag is used to achieve the beautiful 360 hair style by tying it around your head and leaving it for several hours. You may even do this procedure just before you sleep and leave the doo rag on while sleeping. You can repeat the process of setting the 360 waves a couple of times in a day. Make sure not to brush your hair once you remove the doo rag, just leave it be. It is also advisable to leave off wetting or shampooing the hair for at least a week. This will help set the hair better and will have more pronounced 360 waves.  Getting a haircut is a big no-no when trying to achieve 360 hair waves, a line up may be permissible but a hair cut may seem too much for your 360 waves hair style.