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Hair Styles

In hairstyling, there is no such thing as 'one style fits all'. Every woman is unique and special in her looks. A hairstyle is designed to befit the face shape, body, relate to the lifestyle and more. While selecting your hairstyle, there are a few principles to remember. They can help you to choose a style that is more becoming for you.

Hair designers are often asked questions about head shapes and their proportions to hairstyling. Keeping in mind the below mentioned relationship to body height and styles, the following considerations can give the illusion of the classic oval shape face.

Generally, height or fullness is added to area that fall short. Closeness is created where the arc is extended. In this manner, a balanced look is achieved. It is important to increase or decrease the right amount of hair needed to create the proper hair-face relationship and to adapt the hairstyle to the general shape.

Style and Balance - Keep in mind that the normal proportion of head size to total height is measured at 7 1/2 heads of height. Regardless of height, the head can be put in proportion with the body by controlling the size of the head form. Whatever the fashion mode of the day, hair should reflect its proper proportion in relationship to the body. To achieve the proper form, consideration must be given to the density, texture, and weight of the hair and the process it must undergo.

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