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Severely Weathered Hair

The hair is a woman's crowning glory. It is a factor for a man's attraction to a woman, and there is no doubt that it should be taken care of.

The modern woman however has no more qualms with overstaying her hair. From bleaching the hair in the process of dyeing, to curling the hair, to subjecting it to daily torture with the curling iron, the straightening iron, the blow dryer, and the hot oil heating cap in the salon, it is no wonder why the modern woman's hair is no longer as lustrous as it should be. In fact, it has grown horrid and unhealthy because all this styling causes hair breakage. Instead of beautifying the hair, all this fuss only serves to damage hair.

But there is a silver lining to this hair horror. Where before, only synthetic products abound, nowadays, there is an influx of natural-based products in the market. We now have Olive Oil based hair conditioners, damage-control creams, and even shampoos. Olive Oil has been used in treating so many illnesses, and among its myriad of uses is skin and hair care.
Just an aside, Olive Oil is also used to treat dandruff, so this means it's really good for your hair and scalp.
One good way to get Olive Oil into your hair care regimen would be to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your hot oil treatments, instead of the usual salon oils. And when you do get a hot oil treatment, ask to have the heater on low, because it's the heat of the heating cap that damages your tresses.

To really get the most of your Olive Oil treatment, sleep with your hair coated Olive Oil every other day. You can wear a shower cap to keep the mess from the pillows. Use Olive Oil based shampoos, and treat your hair to delicious Olive Oil based conditioners. If that won't bring your hair back from the brink of death in no time, I don't know what will.
Another way to pamper your style-damaged hair would be to use mayonnaise on it. Coat your hair, all strands if possible, with mayonnaise. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with a particularly strong-smelling shampoo, to remove the mayo smell. You can also rinse with lemon juice to strip it of the excess oil and fatty mayo compounds. Lemon juice also has an added benefit: if you use lemon juice in your last rinse, it serves to add shine to your hair. Lemon juice leaves a luster that is better than those synthetic products that flood the market.

If you want the maximum mayo treatment, you can leave it on your hair as you sleep. When you wake, shampoo your hair, and rinse it with lemon juice.

Use natural products as much as possible. Remember, bleaching hair would add up to possible damages so better avoid such option. Instead of using hair dye, do go for henna treatment instead. Henna treatments are much better because they don't have the harmful fumes that dyes have, and some variants actually smell great. But more than that, henna treatments are healthier because you don't get the cancer-causing chemicals that synthetic dyes have, and you won't be stripping your hair of melanin, as the bleaching process does to your hair.

Try to keep styling to a minimum. The natural look is hot, so why make your hair go through all that torture? You will do your hair a great favor, and it will do you a great favor too, by shining healthily and lustrously.

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