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Common Hair Problems – Scalp Breakouts

When they experience what looks and feels like acne on the scalp, a lot of people are very amazed. However – since ultimately, the scalp is topped by skin – it should not be so surprising. Your skin is covered with hair. With hair and skin follicles come pores together with a load of opportunities for them to get blocked. Clogged pores lead to breakouts.

Scalp breakouts can be distressing, even though they’re not as bothersome as facial breakouts. For one thing, they make the skin tender and, once the skin becomes dry, it turns flaky and often litters the scalp with dandruff flakes. Then again, a few simple steps could help treat such breakouts effectively. They also require very little effort. Most of the time, they include products you already have in the house.

Treatment of Scalp breakouts

To dry scalp pimples Soda water is great. It is fully natural and shouldn't cause any unnecessary drying, if used only occasionally. Just shampoo your hair normally and then towel dry and comb. Pour a 32 ounce bottle of cold soda water over your head and massage into your scalp, then rinse with warm water.

As a treatment option, if you have recurrent breakouts, you could try white vinegar. This again, is just a natural treatment. With exception to the smell, it is gentle on your scalp. Follow the same steps you use with soda water treatment. After rinsing the vinegar out, you can shampoo again with something mild like baby shampoo. This will help get rid of the strong odor of vinegar.

Baby powder helps in treating breakouts on the scalp. Consider this treatment either before bed, or some time when you leave the house. Sprinkle a liberal amount of baby powder – preferably unscented – on your head, then massage into scalp. The powder will help to absorb excess oils. It also aids in drying up pimples. Brush the baby powder out of your hair, completely, the next morning, or several hours after the treatment, then follow up with a mild shampoo.

Prevention of Scalp breakouts

As important as treating scalp breakouts is avoiding them.
Keep your hair clean and oil free.
In summer excess perspiration can clog your pores and cause more breakouts than usual. However, it is very important, never to over wash your hair. It can cause drying or irritation, both of which can lead to scalp breakouts.
Harsh shampoos also, often, cause breakouts. Try to use one with a gentler detergent base; baby shampoo is a good choice.
Too much conditioner can, sometimes, be the culprit when pimples appear on your scalp. See that your conditioner isn't oily and be sure to thoroughly rinse it out after use.

These simple steps should help prevent or treat unpleasant breakouts on your scalp. In case they don't work, consider trying a product that includes both shampoo and conditioner in one step, or simply avoiding conditioner for a few days. When restarting, try conditioning your hair every alternate day rather than daily. Further, they will help with general maintenance of your hair, resulting in shiny, healthy locks.