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Ingrown Hair

Many experts believe that all is well when hair is left to grow naturally without any alterations or tampering. This is seldom the case though. If we allowed our hair to grow free many of us would feel as if we resembled a hairy beast. As an individual begins to remove unwanted hair whether on the legs, face or other parts of the body this means that the hair’s natural growth process is stopped. Tweezing or waxing or shaving may lead to unwanted hair that is below the skin level. This means that the hair is left with a very sharp and pointy tip. As this hair tip begins to grow the tip grows in the surrounding tissue instead of growing outward of the skin. This results in an ingrown hair. An ingrown hair is very irritating. When a person has an ingrown hair the ingrown hair is accompanied by redness, infection and swelling of the hair follicle.

Other symptoms of an ingrown hair include bleeding, itching, a tingling sensation, mild or severe pain and scarring. It is best to have an ingrown hair removed or treated.

An individual can reduce ingrown hairs by reducing the amount of friction that is closely located to the affected area. Ingrown hair treatment can be performed in a number of different ways. A person who wishes to prevent ingrown hairs should allow their hair to grow longer, choose razors that do not cut close, shave in a different direction, use a topical antiseptic or have permanent hair removal performed. Electrolysis can be used as a remedy for ingrown hair treatment. Another ingrown hair treatment solution is laser hair removal.

Laser treatment is a type of ingrown hair removal. Laser treatment is considered to be a painless process that is effective at removing unwanted body hair for an affordable price. This type of ingrown hair removal process reduces the skin cell’s ability to produce hair. Laser light is designed to destroy the hair follicle.

Another type of ingrown hair removal is electrolysis. Electrolysis uses a device called a spoliator. This type of device uses short-wave frequencies in order to provide a permanent solution to an ingrown hair problem. The epilator destroys the growth of follicle cells.

An ingrown hair is a pesky and irritating problem. There are several ways to prevent and to treat ingrown hairs. Follow these helpful suggestions when plagued by an ingrown hair.