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Hair problems

Hair problems, a set back in majority individuals in this world, encompasses, premature graying, dandruff, reduced growth pace, brittle hair or excessive breakage, head lice and so on. About 100 to one lakh hair is lost everyday. The causative factors, contributing to hair loss are child birth, skin infections, medical treatments, like chemotherapy, medications, hair treatments, such as bleaching, perming etc, infancy, stress, improper nutrition, disease condition and scalp infection. Hair loss product hit in the market is innumerable. Hair Replacement is the promise offered by these hair products with a guarantee of around a month.

Most of these products are shampoo based, comprising of inositol, biotin, methionine, cocamide DEA, biotincitric acid, isopropyl alcohol, saw palmetto extract, methylchloroisothiazolinone and sodium chloride. All hair products are enhanced with fragrances, to enrich their aroma and increase the marketing levels. Care of hair or hair care is a delicate issue. Human body replaces the lost hair strands to a certain extent. Ageing, slows this process and is more obvious in men than in women. Genes determine the baldness, which starts as early as 20 years in men. Faster hair growth is possible by a series of sophisticated and innovative techniques.

Hair Growth, in general, is determined by proper intake of fruits and vegetables, in addition to other foods. At an average, hair grows over an inch, once in two months. Thinning hair is a typical symptom of baldness. Hair Vitamins are marketed which enhance the hair growth and make the hair soft, shiny and silky. Receding hair line is a starting point of baldness. Hair Loss Treatment includes laser technique, hair multiplication or hair cloning and hair creams. Hair cloning uses stem cells that proliferate, thereby helping in hair growth. The follicle stem cells send a signal to the hair around. This helps in rejuvenating the hair.

Laser Hair Removal is a technique used especially for unwanted hair removal from bikini line, chin, armpits and legs. This method increases the duration of hair-free period, the time range varying from months to years. Hair color and the skin type determine the course of laser treatment. Hair Restoration is possible through the administration of medications, such as finasteride and minoxidil. Research reveals the increased growth of hair, during the consumption of minoxidil, a drug administered for hypertension. Androgenetic alopecia is maintained and thereby an increase in hair count is visible. Hair Removal is possible by undergoing various treatments for a long time span. Hair loss is prevented at the home level by consumption of a balanced diet.

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