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Salon and Home Perm 

A salon perm is different from a home perm in that most perm lotions contain chemicals that damage hair when used by inexperienced users and frequently result in under processing that is little or no wave. Your stylist, however, has the technical knowledge and expertise to know exactly which strength of perm solution, rod size, and wrapping technique is best for your hair and hairstyle. Your stylist's technical training and professional knowledge also allows him/her to select the proper timing for the curl reformation.

How long does the service take - With today's busy lifestyles, the busy woman is hesitant to allow time for a perm. Once the decision is made to have a body wave perm, allow from 1 ? to 2 ? hours for the service. The largest part of the service and one of the most important is the wrapping of the hair on the perm rods. Do not try to rush your stylist; some wrapping techniques can take as long as one hour.

What about prices - The price of a salon perm varies just as the price of a hair-cut does, depending on the salon, stylist, condition of your hair and the style you want. Whatever be the price, this is a small price to pay for an important fashion accessory that you wear 24 hours every day.

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