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Perm Rod

Perms have been in style and out of style with each generation.  Most of us have had at least one perm that we can remember.  Often it was as a child where our mother’s thought the curly look was just so cute.  Those of us with straight hair can get bored staring in the mirror with hair that won’t hold a curl from an iron and just hangs limp.  This is why hair perm can helps us get the desired affect without the frustration.

Perms use an alkaline base to help attain the waviness or curliness we desire.  Once the alkaline solution is spread on our hair we then wait for it to do its job before adding a neutralizer.  The importance of selecting the appropriate solution is based on the type of hair you have.  Those who have dry hair that can be easily damaged need to use acid products rather than the alkaline.  While the solution is important it is actually the perm rod that will determine the type of curl you will have.

The perm rod may be thick, skinny, or medium in size.  The thicker the perm rod the larger the curls you will have.  They tend to give a wavier look to the hair rather than the tighter curls of the smallest perm rod.  The smaller perm rods can also give you wavier hair, but most often the curls are tighter, with more spring.  If you are going for a look that is moderate waves or curls you will want to use a medium sized perm rod.  So the affect you wish to attain is based in part on the choice of perm rod you will use.

When you are seeking a perm cotton is also used to keep the solution from escaping your hair and helping the hair soak up the solution.  The length of time the perm solution is left on your hair is also going to determine the amount of spring you will have in the perm as well as the tightness of the curls.  Most often the first few days will have you looking a little tighter in the curls before the desired affect begins to form.  This is because the hair springs back into place and needs a little time to fall out.  You never want to wash your permed hair after it has been treated.  Most often you should wait at least two days before washing your hair so that you do not undue the affect of the perm solution.