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Hair Perming

Today's new perms are professionally designed for the active; on-the-go lifestyle.

There is a special perm for every individual, depending on the texture; condition and style of the hair. Every perm can and should be as individual as your own hairstyle and lifestyle.

Any perm can give you curls, but successful restructuring of the hair necessitates the expertise of a professional cosmetologist. Their knowledge and experience is essential in determining exactly what technique is required to create the look designed just for you.

The advantages of hair perming are numerous. The finished perm offers the wearer adaptability and versatility. The hair benefits from the support of a professional body wave, both aesthetically and functionally.

How often should one have a perm - As the name implies, curl is permanently waved in the hair. Although the curl may relax a little after shampooing and day-to-day wear, it will never entirely go away. As the hair grows and you have your hair-cut, your perm will be cut off. The new growth from the scalp will be straight and on the average, most people need a new perm every 3 to 4 months. When your hair does not hold the style you desire, lacks body, then it is time for a perm.

When should one have a hair-cut, before or after - Hair can be cut before the perm, after the perm or not at all. This depends on your stylist, your personal style preference and the condition of your hair. Your professional stylist will be glad to advise you.

Does natural curly hair require a permanent wave - People with curly hair do get perms, to re-direct the natural curl into a more manageable pattern or to achieve a particular look or style and to even out the curl. Also if you would prefer a smoother, less curly look, a perm on larger rods can reform the curl into a larger smoother curl pattern. Your professional cosmetologist is trained to redirect your curl pattern the way you want it to be.

Some Cautions on Permanents - There is no reason why anyone cannot have a body wave perm. However, if you have skin abrasiveness or scalp irritation, it is advisable to tell your stylist and wait until they are healed before proceeding with the service.

Some medications build up on the hair shaft affecting the results of the hair perming. Some people who have abused their hair will need a series of treatments prior to a perm service; and always consult your professional cosmetologist who will advise you about the proper procedures.


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