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Hair Fall

We normally shed about 40 to 50 strands of hair everyday. Within this range of hair fall, a person has nothing to worry about. This is the body's natural way of rejuvenating itself, of shedding strands of old hair. However, if you shed more than what is natural, this is enough reason to consult a trusted physician who can help you understand your problem.

There are many causes of hair fall in the same way that there are many kinds of treatment available today. But before that, a few basic facts about hair will perhaps give us an idea of the nature of human hair. Human hair grows from follicles right at the skin of the scalp. In essence, it is the number of hair follicles and their individual health that affects the growth of hair. Growing within cycles, each hair follicle normally grows a single strand of hair for about 3 to 4 years. The cycle ends with the shedding of mature hair, so that new hair can grow. After a few months of "resting", new hair starts to grow in the place where the shed hair once was.

Now, there are millions of hair follicles in our scalp, which varies from one person to another. It is when hair follicles are damaged that hair begins to loose its grip on the scalp and slowly, without even knowing it, fall away. Little is it also known that the hard combing of the hair damages the follicles, causing no hair to grow from it. Unfortunately, this is irreversible by any kind of medicine. Once hair follicles have been damaged, there is no way of restoring its former health. What medicines can only do is to reduce the hair fall and make undamaged hair follicles produce more hair.

Causes of Hair Loss


There are non-medical and medical reasons for hairfall. Right on top of non-medical reasons is diet. Rigorous dieting can cause hair fall. Just because the hair is on the topmost part of our bodies, it does not mean that it could not be affected by the body's internal processes. When we live unhealthy, our hair is definitely one of the casualties. Nutrition is also key to healthy hair plus a lot of clean, drinking water. Not only will proper foods encourage the growth of hair. It will also keep the moisture and health of young and growing hair. Of course, as already said above, never comb your hair the way you rake dead and dry leaves. It causes untreatable damage to hair follicles.

Other causes of hair loss are pollution, blow frying of hair, using hair-unfriendly shampoos, the excess or lack in washing hair, and the use of harmful chemicals in hair dyes. Quite obvious here is the sheer lack of scalp hygiene causing scalp infections, which eventually leads to unhealthy hair follicles. Note that the scalp is where the follicles are and the follicle is where hair grows. Scalp infections are the cause of irresponsible care for the hair.

Maybe you have not noticed it, but lack of sleep can cause hair fall. In same vein, physical stress can, too. Too much exertion of bodily energy leads to physical stress. And note this: doctors have also found that our emotional well-being affects the health of our hair. Emotional stress is as devastating to your hair, as it is to your heart. Keep your mind and emotions in check. For more help regarding hair fall, it is wise to talk to a physician-friend who can help you understand your problem.

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