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Red hair

Red hair accurately is another name for auburn, reddish-brown, golden-brown and simply natural red hair. People with red hair are normally called redheads. It is typified by high levels of pheomelanin (reddish pigment) at the same time fairly low saturation of the eumelanin (dark pigment). Is this a boon or bane, but less than 1% of the human population has red hair. Since not all are born with red hair, it becomes exotic and alluring. But red hair has been associated with some quirks and to appreciate red hair is to understand its origin and how to care for it.

Persons who don’t have naturally colored red hair, to some extent can easily color their hair red. Red hair color today has come in different shades of red. From strawberry blonde, crimson to copper, there are so many to choose from that you simply will have a difficult time choosing which one is right for you. But the good thing about it is that any one can wear some shade of red. The fact is red-red hair color is naturally non-existent. Individuals can practically wear any hues which can be flattering. Although nothing beats the natural red hair.

Red hair can be styled just like any other color of hair but can be outstandingly so. Punk or emo red hair styles are striking and distinctive. But even with just a slight stroke of the comb, red hair style sets the wearer part. Probably because of the different shades of red can be outrageous. With that red hair style be sure it goes well with the shade of your skin. Simple red highlights in your hair may not be so conspicuous in dark skinned persons at the same time light red shades may stick out in fairer skin.  Red hair style needs to be studied to help individuals decide which shades of red will go with their skin color.

For red hair to look naturally, some hair care techniques should be practiced. For redheads use hair care products like shampoo that plays up the natural color of red. Using moisturizers can protect against too much ultra violet rays of the sun. For natural red hair you must keep in mind that it slowly darkens eventually so use natural hair care products with natural brighteners for vibrancy sustenance.  While red dyed hairs should use formulated shampoos with conditioners to make the dye longer lasting.  Also get shampoos with no add-on products to make red hair flexible and holds the shape of curls in place. This is another to make sure that your red color will lasts. But excessive hair dying can be harmful overtime.

Even if its red dyed, red hair can make you look like a Hollywood actress. Keep it up. Even if it’s associated with some idiosyncrasies of old, a red head can still look stunning. With very famous people having natural red hair, you are in good company. Exotic because it is not common and remember less than 1% of humans have natural red hair.