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Hair Highlights

If change is a constant for everything, then why leave your hair out of it?  Opt for a glamorous look with hair highlights! Hair highlights is an ever green trend in hair styling. Hair highlights are basically selecting strands of hair and then lightening them with color 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural hair color. The highlight is used to add light pieces to the hair in order to mimic the effects of the sun. What’s more - you can do highlights for hair of almost all types.

Choosing the right shade is most important. The object of highlights for hair is to bring depth and light to your overall color. It involves use of different types of chemicals mixed with bleach to either strip or lift natural hair color from the hair. This is then applied to the hair in a number of patterns. It is best to know your hair color, and then opt for a couple of shades lighter than your hair color.

In styling parlance, there are various types of highlights for hair.  Traditional highlights include applying shades 2 or 3 times lighter or a mix of them to your natural color - painting it onto hair and folding it into a foil.  This requires a lot of precision and end results giver the hair texture and depth. Then there is Bialiage which involves lighting on the ends of the hair and less on the roots. This streaking can give you a more carefree look. Dramatic hair lights can be done the Skunk way - a chunk of hair is painted a contrast color and there you are - sure to get noticed.  There is also the low lighting option where darker color is added to minimize brassy tones or to darken hair.

Of course, for the best results opt for a professional hair stylist - their advice on the best hair highlights option will consider what compliments your skin tone and eye color.  A confident few want to go the DIY way, but remember hair highlights is not like applying henna, or dye. Keep the following pointers in mind and if it doesn’t come out as expected, too bad, end result is not easily irreversible.

  • Shampoo your hair a couple of days before coloring
  • Do an allergy test before dying your hair
  • Check the hair highlights package for expiry date and once you mix colors use it right away
  • Follow instructions precisely
  • Use gloves whilst applying color
  • Whilst doing highlights for hair, start from back of your head and work forward to avoid any mess-ups
  • Apply highlights to top layers of your hair, leaving the hair underneath as natural to create a sensation of depth.

Hair highlights is a chemical based option and it is advisable that those with weak hair, pregnant women use it with careful screening and selection. Maintenance forms an integral part of hair highlights routine. Regular touch-ups are a must, else you  go right back to where you started.