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Hair Colour at Home 

Henna - Different shades are made by mixing Henna powder with the following:

  • Henna powder 2 cups, warm water 1 cup, lime juice 1 teaspoon. Stir henna powder and water into a thick paste. Add lime juice to help release the dye. Let stand for one hour.
  • One or more tablespoons of ground cloves mixed with henna will get a darker shade.
  • A dark brown shade may be obtained by mixing one part henna to 3 parts indigo.
  • A tablespoon of coffee and 2 tablespoon Indian gooseberry powder mixed with henna also darken the resulting shade.
  • To counteract the drying action, add yoghurt and a tablespoon of raw mustard oil.

Walnut Shells - Walnut shells make another harmless dye which progressively adds colour to the hair. Put walnut shells in a mortar and cover with water. Add a touch of table salt. Let it stand for 3 days. Now add 3 cups of boiling water and simmer for 5 hours, always making sure that the evaporated water is replaced. Express the dark liquid from the shells by means of a press or by twisting the shells in a cloth. Replace separated liquid in the pot again and now reduce to a quarter of its volume. Add a small piece of alum as fixative. At first it will produce a somewhat yellowish effect, but it will finally give the hair a good deep black colour. Remember to use on clean shampooed hair.

Boil 4 teaspoons of any tea in a quart of water until a very dark brown liquid is obtained. Alum is used to set the dye. Strain and use like a rinse. Repeat rinses until the desired shade is acquired.

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