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Applying Hair Colour

When it comes to applying hair color permanently, you have to know that it’s hard for it to be removed but it actually fades in the long run. When you think about applying hair color, the natural color pigments of your hair is chemically adjusted and you have to be cautious in doing so. If you think that applying hair color can be done by normal people, you have to think otherwise. Getting hair coloring ideas and hair coloring styles might be your thing, but when it comes to coloring hair, you have to leave it to the professionals.

Amateur Hair Coloring

For amateurs who want to hide their dull or grey hair, semi-permanent hair coloring is applicable since colors can simply darken the hair. It can also improve the volume and provide shinier hair, and will help in taming the frizz and the ever-annoying split ends. It’s actually the safest method for people who want acquire a new do.

The following hair coloring tips should help you in your own method of coloring hair yourself.

  • You have to make sure you applied conditioner on your hair for a week. This will make your hair manageable when you part your hair into thin divisions depending on the quantity and the thickness of your hair.
  • Before you do everything, do strand experimentation first. Apply the color on a number of strands and keep in mind to let it dry completely to see the resulting color. This will give you an example of what the resulting color on your hair will exactly be. However, if you think it’s not the appropriate color for you, at least you did it only on a strand, and not on your whole head. You can do a little bit of alteration by adding warm or cool colors that should be able to make you determine on what color is right for you. Two or three strands should be enough.
  • Put on the color to the mid lengths of the strand from an inch from your scalp and next the ends. Stay on the procedure since the scalp will develop faster due to body heat and the insulating result of long hair on the affected scalp.
  • If you have a coloring kit, you have to follow its instructions. The hair endings are porous, which makes it darker than the rest of hair that you applied color on. Put on a color mixture after the rest parts are dry enough.
  • If you notice that the color fades quickly, put on a clear filler to reduce your hair’s porosity. After you do the coloring, shampoo and condition your hair by using cold water to maintain its color.
  • But if you think that it’s not the hair color that you desired, seek help from a professional or else you might end up walking a bad hair day everyday.