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Winter Hair Care

Like a plant, your hair also needs different types of care and nourishment as the weather changes.  Caring for the hair is as much needed during winters than during summers.  Cooler temperatures as well as shorter hours under the sun bring in different types of demands when it comes to hair care.  Most people are unaware that their hair needs more moisture during winter than during hot summer days.

The sun brings in natural highlights to your hair.  When winter comes and you only get to spend lesser time under the sun, your hair becomes dull and loses its luster.  The harsher air brought by winter will also result in your hair becoming drier and more brittle than it ever did during summers.  

Here are some winter hair care tips that you could actually apply to have healthy and great looking hair even during the harsh winter season:

  • Winter is the best time to put some color or highlights into your hair.  You could also go for perms as well to liven up your look a bit.  Because lesser sunlight means duller looking hair, then you can turn this around by going for those highlights or that greater hair color.  There is no better way to liven up your Christmas spirit than sporting a new do.
  • Take great care in moisturizing your hair during winter.  This is especially needed if you had some chemical treatments done on your hair like perms and colors.  Look for a hair conditioning product that contains cetyl alcohol, an ingredient derived from coconut and known as the best ingredient for top-notch hair moisturizing.  You could also try looking for shampoo and conditioning products that contain cetearyl alcohol.  This is another ingredient that is particularly good in moisturizing your hair.  If you have excessively dry hair that looks damaged, it is best to use a shampoo that has a moisturizing ingredient apart from the conditioner.
  • Winter hair care also entails locking in that moisture.  It is no good to just moisturize during winter, you also have to lock in the added moisture as much as possible.  You can do this by rinsing your deeply conditioned hair with cold water.  This helps close down the hair cuticles to seal in the moisture.  You can also try applying an apple cider vinegar on your hair.  You can let this settle on your hair for just a few minutes before rinsing it with cold water.  The acidity of the vinegar will not only lock in the moisture but will also help in making the color stay longer.  It will also leave your hair smelling fresher and cleaner.