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Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer, your favorite time of year is finally here and with it come all sorts of fun outdoor things to do! But while summer brings glorious visions of natural highlights and long windblown hair, it is also that time when you come across the highest percentage of damaged hair. Some of this may even be beyond repair. The fact is that the sun and humidity can damage your hair and result in dry, drab and split ends.

Consider some of these other tips for great summer hair care, so you and your hair can enjoy the summer without worry. It will also save you a lot of headache and money. It is vital that you


  • Moisturize your hair every day to bring back moisture balance
  • Take preventive steps to avoid damaged, lifeless hair,
  • Take time to slot in a quality summer hair care regime.


Here are some more summer hair care tips you are bound to find helpful:


  1. Be careful of products that promise to control frizzy hair. Oftentimes, they have silicone that coats the hair after only a couple times use. In the long run, this tends to make things worse.
  2. If you are used to a blow dryer, use a leave- in conditioner. It is designed to protect your hair when blow drying. It’s a good idea to give your hair a break during the summer months, if you normally blow dry and use hot curling tools every day. Either take time out from curling or consider letting your hair air dry. Alternately, you could leave your hair braided when wet. It will air dry into beautiful waves.
  3. Should you suddenly visit the beach without a hat, use skin sunscreen lotion. When you get home just use a deep-cleansing shampoo. While it is not be the best solution, it will definitely save your hair from sun damage.
  4. For hair that is exposed to the sun, ideally you should dab a good deep conditioner or good jojoba oil on the ends and frizziest parts of your hair at nights or over the weekend.
  5. Sleep with your hair pinned up or wrapped it in plastic. This will help restore absent moisture that adds to the frizz. It also helps prevent heavy conditioners from overloading your hair as the conditioner will be localized only on the trouble spots.
  6. Prevent static electricity in your hair when you shampoo by applying a rinse out conditioner that adds moisture and shine. Alternatively apply a "leave-in" conditioner after towel drying hair.
  7. When the summer heat is hottest wear your hair up in a knot, bun or braids.
  8. Hair products that promise to replenish are designed to add moisture. These are, ideally, designed to add body and shine to your hair. Then again, they might or might not add moisture. See that you read all ingredients on the hair product pack.