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Split Ends

Split ends crop up when your hair strands "fracture" at the end. The problem is usually the result of improper hair care, either by you or by an improperly trained stylist. Hence you should have your professional stylist trim your ends every 6 – 8 weeks and adopt a more beneficial hair care regime.

Split ends are the most common hair problem that all women face. Split ends or trichoptlosis come about when the protective cuticle is stripped away from the ends of the hair. The condition is more common when your hair is dry or brittle. Too much dying or vigorous brushing often causes split ends. Once your hair cuticle is removed this way it is impossible to replace it. Your hair will split into two or three strands, for a length of two to three centimeters. Probably, the best way to be rid of spilt ends is to trim them. Split ends have no other effective cure.

In the ‘70s women used to burn off their split ends. You don’t have to do this; all you need to do is trim them with a pair of scissors. You don’t have to go to a saloon to cut them off, wither. You can do it at home by yourself. To dispose of split ends, take a small section of your hair and then carefully twist it in a gentle downward motion. The split ends will automatically stick out, when you do this. Snip into the twist with sharp scissors, carefully. Then get rid of the split ends. It will give your hair a natural layered effect. Try cutting around the same amount of hair.

Treatment of split ends

  1. The only cure for split ends is trimming your hair.
  2. Do not be brush wet hair.
  3. Do not brush too vigorously, because tension caused by brushing promotes splitting. Rather, brush hair gently from crown to ends using a soft-bristled brush.
  4. Sleep with silk or satin pillowcases as the smooth surface on the pillow will diminish tangling that can lead to split ends.
  5. Limit washing as shampooing also removes the hair's protective oils. Instead, wash with a mild shampoo twice a week and use products that contain moisturizing ingredients such as panthenol and ceramides. Follow with a shampoo that lists sunscreen as a major ingredient.
  6. Best use a wide tooth comb if the hair is susceptible to splitting.
  7. In winter, keep your air moist with a pot of warm water on the kitchen stove.