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Shiny Hair

Doesn’t it seem like the person with shiny hair is so beautiful?  Don’t you feel like that should be you?  Now, it can be.

Hair is coated with natural oil called sebum, which allows it to shine and retain its moisture.  Sebum is produced by a gland called sebaceous and is found near every hair follicle in the scalp. However, this natural oil is heavily affected by our hormones, the things we use to style or wash our hair and by dry windy weather.  This then leaves our hair feeling and looking dry and boring.  

But you can control the destiny of your hair.  Several products have been created specifically for enhancement of shiny hair.  Hair shampoo has the purpose of cleaning the dirt and buildup your hair encounters with every day life. But its harsh chemicals can leave your hair dry, and that is when hair conditioner comes into play.  Hair conditioner works like a lotion for your hair.  It allows it to recondition its follicles and get back to its normal self.  But these two items are made for cleaning your hair in the shower.

How to shine hair

Oils have also been a great tool to get your hair to shine.  Hair shine and oils allow you to protect your hair when you are outside.  They can block the dry wind and harsh rays of the sun from stripping away the sebum.  In many cases of really dry hair, it is recommended that you try a hot oil treatment.  In less than 30 minutes, you can retain your natural oil, relieve your hair from the stress and reduce split ends.  

If you use products hair dye, make sure you also collaborate products created for color treated hair.  A hairdryer or curling iron works wonders for creating style, but using these appliances can cause great damage and dryness.  If you are fond of your hairdryer or hair iron, you should look out for heat activated conditioner or shampoo.  This way, you will not be causing harm to your precious locks and will not only make your hair in good condition but also make your hair shine.

When styling your hair, do not pull your hair back too tight.  This will not only cause stress to your hair, but it will dry your scalp as well. Hard brushing can result to unwanted hair loss or irritation to your scalp. Brushing your hair gently is another for of massaging your hair and it also produces shiny hair.

There are many ways for you to make your hair shine.  With simply daily routines, you can maintain having beautiful, shiny hair.