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Simple Recipes for Hair Care at Home and Useful Tips for Healthy Hair

There are some very simple and effective recipes for hair care that work wonderfully if followed as advised.

Shampoo Cleanser Recipe - Buy some Acacia concinna powder from the market. Powder some green grams and fenugreek (methi) seeds. Mix two portions of Acacia concinna powder, one portion of green gram flour and half portion of Fenugreek powder and keep it. When required, mix a tablespoon of this mixture in the white of an egg and use it as a shampoo. It does not lather like a soap, or shampoo, but cleanses the hair.

Take some dry soap nuts (reetha) and soak them in water overnight. Mash them in the morning and strain the soapy solution. Add a teaspoon of Acacia concinna powder and wash your hair.

Mint Infusion Recipe - If you are unable to make the shampoo cleanser at home, use this infusion recipe. Prepare it and mix it in the shampoo you use.

To make the infusion, boil two handfuls of mint (pudina) in one-and-a-half glass of water for 20 minutes. Strain the solution and mix in a 300 ml bottle of shampoo.

The Toning Lotion - Mix a tablespoon of Malt Vinegar in a glass of water. Add a pinch of salt in it. Dab two tablespoons of it on your scalp and massage it with your finger tips twice a week. Leave the lotion on for one hour. Rinse with cool water, brush and set your hair.

Other Tips

  • Do not use detergent shampoos.

  • Do not use oils unless the cleansing routine leaves your hair extremely dry.

  • Regularly massage your scalp.
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