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Mens Hair Care

For men hair care is often a largely (if not completely) neglected area of health and hygiene. There is the common misconception that men do not or should not use any kind of hair care regimen. While it is true that men tend to have much shorter hair than women, and short hair requires less maintenance, it is essential that you care for your hair whether you are a man or a woman and whether you have long hair or short.

Hair Care for Men

Men’s hair care involves the same basic practices for maintenance as general hair care — regular washing and conditioning, combing, oiling, and protection from damage. You should first of all choose a shampoo that suits your hair type — men often choose a shampoo randomly, and this can sometimes be bad for your hair. Apart from choosing a shampoo for oily, dry, normal, damaged hair, and so on, you should also choose a brand that suits your hair. All shampoos for dry hair are not the same, and may not all work equally well for you. The same goes for conditioner, and although a conditioner is not an essential part of hair care, it is advisable especially for those living in cities, where there are so many elements that can damage one’s hair. Oil also maintains and protects your hair, besides preventing dryness. Your scalp produces a natural oily substance that nourishes, coats and protects your hair, but the extra benefit of oil is always welcome. You should oily your hair at least an hour before you wash it, and gently massage the oil into your scalp with your fingertips.

You should also comb your hair at least once a day — this stimulates the scalp, gets rid of dead cells, and spreads the sebum from the scalp on to the hair, avoiding the odd situation in which the scalp is oily but the hair itself is dry. Combing should be done gently however, and never when wet. Any knots should be disentangled with the fingers rather than with the comb, and only after hair has dried. You should also avoid rubbing your hair and scalp with a towel to dry it. After gently soaking up excess water with a towel, simply let your hair dry naturally. Finally, mens hair care also includes styling – make sure that the way you style your hair helps maintain it. Get a haircut that suits your hair type and your lifestyle – if you are out in pollution and dust a lot, keep it short so as not to collect too much dirt. If you use gel, ensure that you use a good quality product. Following these men’s hair care tips should ensure that your hair is strong and healthy.