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Hair Color Disasters


Often hair color can go horribly wrong.  We all have them don't we, days when we want to run screaming away from the mirror? In fact, there are times when your hair just refuses to style the way you like, or the color doesn't turn out the way it was supposed to.

Hair color can be fascinating.  It is that remarkable the way it magically and instantaneously transforms dull mousy locks into glorious golden lights that sparkle and shine.  It also helps to immediately take away years of age by covering gray, adding depth to fading colors and cranking up overall shine.

Time has not reduced the power of hair color and although it has the fantastic power to transform a shy, nervous brunette hair into a fiery redhead, gorgeous blonde or classy raven beauty, with pleasure, often come pain.  Permanent hair dyes with a high chemical composition often stress and dry out the best of hair.  

If you’ve had a hair color disaster, it is from probably on account of two possible reasons:

  1. A professional hairdresser or beautician sent you home with a hair color disaster.
  2. You were fooled by ad and took the chance of coloring your hair on your own, at home.

However, whether you apply it at home or the highest priced salon, many times hair color can take a weird detour and surface in any hue. True, hair color disasters are much more common at the hand of bathroom hair wizards. Then again, even master colorists can have a bad hair day. Little wonder then, that lots of hair consumers commit the gross error of believing that hair color is infallible and will always come out looking just like the hair color of the beautiful model on the box. Nothing is farther from the truth. Another common fallacy is the belief that anyone who can do hair can do color.  This again is wrong.

So, what should you do when your hair color ends up a disaster? Do you have to go to the A lot of people make the mistake of believing that hair color is infallible and will always come out looking just like the hair color of that beautiful girl on the box. Don’t, for a moment, believe this. Unlike paint that can just be removed with paint remover, hair color is not. You can’t always paint it over either. If you want to fix your hair color disaster, you have to take prompt action! Most experts think that you have 48 – 72 hours before the color has had a chance to catch into the cuticle. Contact a professional hair stylist, without delay.