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Hair Care during Pregnancy

Changes during Pregnancy

There are quite a number of women who blossom when they become pregnant.  Pregnancy usually agrees with these women, making them even more beautiful than when they were not with child.  These women usually don't have problems when it comes to their skin or hair care during pregnancy.

However, there are other pregnant women who are not as unfortunate.  They go through all types of changes that make them sometimes bewail of their gestation period.  The hormonal changes that their pregnancy brings result in skin discoloration, hair loss and unwanted hair growths.

There are also other pregnant women who grow more hair on their head when they are pregnant.  For those who have thin manes, this is a blessing.  For the others who have already thick manes, pregnancy and hair care becomes a bit of a problem.  There are also other hair changes that occur during pregnancy as well.  Among these changes are excessive dryness or oiliness, curling or straightening of the hair and hair strands getting either thicker or thinner.

Hair Care during Pregnancy

There are pregnancy hair care methods that you could employ to ensure that you will still have healthy hair while you are pregnant.  These ways include choosing a hair style that goes with your blossoming face and the changes that are happening to your hair.  A longer hair style could disguise a face that has gotten round during pregnancy while a shorter do can be easier to care for, especially if your hair has turned dry.  If you have hair that has become oilier, you can get a straight hair style that will show off the newfound sheen of your hair.  Dryness can also be disguised with a layered hair style.

You should also take great care in choosing your shampoo and conditioner when you are pregnant.  Make sure that you choose products that will best suit the changes that are happening to your hair.  Great pregnancy hair care will depend on the hair products that you use everyday.  Another thing that you should do is to stay away from blow dryers.  Towel dry your hair instead and take note to shampoo more often if your hair has become oilier.

One thing that you should avoid when you are pregnant is going for those perms and hair dyes.  Although these are not known to harm pregnant women and their unborn child, it is best to just avoid them.  There is still great beauty in going with your natural look when you are still pregnant.  You could always get a new look once you have given birth.