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Gray Hair

Gray hair is an inevitable sign of aging.  There are many who are quite gracious in accepting the fact that their hair are turning gray.  There are others, however, who are doing everything humanly possible to somehow curtail their aging process.  It is imperative for these people to realize though, that it is possible for them to still look gorgeously great even with their silvery manes.  All it takes is becoming more aware of the causes of graying hair as well as knowing ways of better gray hair care.

The Whys and Hows of Gray Hair

Your hair does not really change in color but it does lose its natural color pigmentation.  As you age, your hair follicles grow old with you and as every strand undergo changes at diverse rates, different shades of gray are attained.  The depletion of the color pigments will result in the gradual lightening of these strands until such time that the gray will turn into white.  There is no treatment for gray hair, except if getting them is a result of other circumstances.

Generally, gray hairs start appearing during the forties at varying degrees for a group of people.  People with dark hair will see gray hairs earlier than those with blond hairs.  Men, generally will get gray hairs sooner than women.  However, there are also factors other than age that could cause graying hair.  Among these factors are change in hormonal levels caused by stress or trauma, smoking, malnutrition and even, Werner Syndrome, which is a disease that speeds up aging.  

Gray Hair Care

Even if the causes of getting gray hairs prematurely are not known exactly, there are ways on taking care of gray hair that you could do.  You could still look fabulous even with your gray hair.  Just remember that as you age, you will also get hair that is more coarse and dry, as compared to youthful hair.  To cushion these age effects on your hair, you should take care in using hair products that will moisturize your hair deeply.  There are also other hair products that could add volume to your hair, as you will also tend to fall victim to hair loss when you age.

Take note to stay away from heat treatments like blow dryers and curling irons, as they will take away the moisture from your hair.  Stay away from hair products that have harsh ingredients, as your hair will also tend to more delicate when you age.  As much as possible, use treatments or products that have more natural ingredients, so that your graying hair will still be as healthy as it can be.  

If you must dye your hair, do this is soon as you notice any gray hairs and be regular about doing touch-ups.  Be sure to choose a shade that's lighter than your hair color by at most two shades.  This makes it easy for the color to blend with your complexion, which also changes as you age.