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Faster Hair Growth

Slow growth is usually a result of the body’s inability to provide the body’s scalp with the necessary nutrients. There are certain nutrients that the scalp needs for healthy hair growth. Sometimes hair is grown so slow that the hair follicles actually remain dormant. Faster hair growth occurs when the scalp receives all of the necessary nutrients that are vital to healthy hair growth. A person who desires faster hair growth can take a number of vitamins and supplements. The minerals that support faster hair growth are sulfur, zinc, calcium, copper, chromium, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium and selenium. Many health food stores or grocery stores will sell a pre-packaged supplement that is designed to provide a person with the necessary nutrients needed for faster hair growth.

An individual can also do certain hair care treatments that cause hair follicles to grow faster. One hair care treatment is to gently massage the scalp. This improves the circulation of blood flow. When a person has their scalp massaged essentially that individual is stimulating their hair follicles. It is important to massage the scalp for ten minutes on a daily basis.

Another hair care treatment is the performing of certain Yoga exercises. Exercises like the “headstand” or “shirsana” promote faster hair growth by stimulating the scalp’s hair follicles.

A person who desires faster hair growth can use a hair care treatment of olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil. Heat the mixture and then apply the warm oils to the roots of your hair. This will stimulate the hair causing the hair to grow faster. Another trick is to take prenatal vitamins.

A person with long hair may notice that in the beginning their hair grew very rapidly and then seemed to stop growing altogether. This is a very common occurrence. It seems that everyone’s hair reaches a certain length and then stops growing. A person with long hair may become very frustrated by this occurrence. In order to promote long hair to continue growing one should take an over the counter hair supplement. This will allow the scalp to receive extra nutrients.

Many people wish that their hair would grow faster. By following these helpful suggestions one can have longer hair in a faster amount of time. Long hair is a symbol of beauty. We live in a culture today in which long hair is very popular. Many celebrities have long, thick and gorgeous hair. Achieve longer hair by taking a vitamin supplement or by using one of these many other remedies that can be performed at home.