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Factors Affecting Hair

The hair is said to be a person’s “crowning glory.” With nice hair, you can go way far in improving your personal appearance. On the contrary, people who almost always have bad hair days or are experiencing hair loss would probably lose their self-esteem and appreciation of oneself. So definitely, hair matter is serious matter. To avoid serious hair problems, proper hair care must be administered. Fortunately, there are now numerous hair care products and hair treatments available out there. If you do not want anything artificial touching your hair, you can always resort to the numerous traditional and natural methods. But before knowing what treatment best fits your hair, you must be aware first of the many factors affecting hair.
The reason for this is rather obvious. You would just be like a blind man in the dark if you do not know what the factors are leading to that affected hair of yours. Not knowing the root of the problem would lead only to not finding the right solution. There are numerous factors that can affect a person’s hair. Here are some of these.

For the volume of your hair, friction of hair fibers can affect it. The roughness of these hair fibers will determine the frequency in which every hair fiber will catch on and tangle each other. A fiber-to-fiber network of interaction would then be built up. So those with fine hairs will have more difficulty in achieving volume. Avoid using hair care products that would significantly reduce friction. Careful though because too much friction will lead to breakage and damage.

Another factor responsible for hair volume or the lack thereof is cohesion. When your hair undergoes greasy and oily build-up, hair volume can be affected. Hair would just clump together and would stick to your scalp. So before you start applying styling formulas to your hair, make sure your hair is really clean. This would make your hair volume style last longer. Static electricity is yet another of those factors affecting hair. Hair will stick together or flyaway due to static electricity.

As for the strength of your hair fibers, there are numerous factors that can get it affected. Your gender can be one of these factors. Aside from that, aging can also lessen the strength of hair fibers. Genes can also be the cause for weak hair. You will notice that men experiencing hair loss usually have the common reason for being genetically predisposed toward baldness. Other factors that can affect hair fiber strength are hair treatments and all those chemicals used in the formula. So be careful in using conditioners and shampoos. Other factors affecting hair fiber strength also include moisture in which hair is continually subjected to and hair color.

Hair loss is not only common to men but also to men. For men, hair loss is generally caused by the genes or aging. As for women, other factors may be involved. That is why it is truly important to determine the factors affecting hair in order to administer the right actions.

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