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Diet for Healthy Hair

Taking in a balanced diet will not only affect the state of your body's health but also that of your hair.  If you think that balanced nutrition is only for the body, then you are wrong.  There is also such a thing as a diet for healthy hair. 

Hair nutrition is basically the same as getting a balanced diet for your bodily functions.  You would still need to take in all the needed vitamins and minerals that could be translated into a healthy hair diet.  You have to be aware that what you eat will be reflected on your shining glory.  The secret to getting the right nutrition for healthy hair is basically eating a diet that includes all the right amounts of fruits and vegetables as well as lean meats.  Throw in eggs, whole grains, dairy products that are low in fat and unsaturated fats, among others and you are already on your way to attaining that healthy hair diet.

Protein-rich Diet for Healthy Hair

Your hair is made up of a kind of protein that is known as keratin.  In line with this, you would have to ensure that your hair nutrition includes great amounts of protein that are necessary for the healthy growth of your hair.

Loading Up on Vitamins

It is not only your body that needs vitamins.  These essential nutrients are also needed by your hair for it to become lustrous and healthy.  The perfect diet for healthy hair should include beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, B-complex and biotin.  Beta-carotene, Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that could curtail hair loss just like the B-complex.  Biotin can also help in your avoiding getting a scalp that itches and is scaly.

Getting Enough Minerals

There are also certain minerals that can do a whole lot of good for your hair.  Iron, zinc and copper are known to provide the needed nutrients for your hair follicles, which could result in stronger hair growth.  Iron and zinc go hand in hand in helping you avoid hair loss.  Copper and iron, on the other hand, are your helpers against the  fading of your color pigmentation early.

Other Things to Consider for Hair Care

There are also other nutrients that you need to take in that would greatly help you maintain a great diet for healthy hair.  One of these is the omega-3 fatty acids, which is known to help you attain a degree of luster to your hair that stays longer. Another is the iodine, which helps in treating hair that is oily and limp. You should also take care in not going through crash diets because these could also affect the health of your hair.